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  • Fixed - Printers Ink Pad is at the End of its Service Life [EPSON L120]

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 #291  by Tech x 1
 1 month ago (Wed Feb 05, 2020)
Eto po ang pang fix. Attached :grinning:

Extract the archive, open AdjProg.exe
  • Click mo, Particular Adjustment Mode
  • The Select Waste Pad Ink Counter
  • Check mo yung checkbox “Main Pad Counter” and Hit Initialize.
  • Reboot yung Printer
Spell EZ!

Done :)

Tested po sa EPSON L120.

PS: Lumalabas po ang ganitong problema gawa ng Head Cleaning, may tumatapon po na ink at naiipon sa isang lugar, may sariling algorith yung printer para madetermine kung puno na yung space.
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 #321  by PhilDiscuss
 1 month ago (Tue Feb 11, 2020)
Fixed for EPSON L120 Blurry Text After Clean

Open Epson L120 Adjustment Program > AdjProg.exe
  1. Select Port: USB
  2. Particular Adjustment Mode
  3. First Dot Position Adjustment, value: 2
  4. Head Angular Adjustment, value: 3 or 5
  5. Bi-D Ajustment, value: Black (15,9) Color (15, 10)