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Discover how you can get the most out of modern tools and make them work for you and your customers.

As the insurance industry begins a new decade, many carriers are focusing their investments on capabilities that will help them thrive in this increasingly fast-paced, data-driven market. Chief among those are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). To help improve business outcomes it’s crucial to understand how other insurance professionals are using these evolving tools, as well as the benefits they bring and potential challenges with implementation.

Download this white paper now for research that provides insights into AI and ML use among the top U.S. carriers.

You will also learn more about:
  • Industry perceptions of these technologies
  • How AI and ML are helping carriers address 3 key business problems
  • The 4 challenges adopters of these technologies are facing
  • Where most carriers are leveraging these technologies and the tangible results/benefits they’re seeing
AI and ML are more than just buzzwords in the insurance industry. These technologies can help streamline processes, better meet customer expectations and get more out of talent. Find out how your organization can reap the benefits through more efficient processes, better customer targeting and improved fraud detection.

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Download here:
Hype or Reality The State of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Insurance Industry.pdf
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