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  • Turns Out Kaspersky Labs Helped FBI Catch Alleged NSA Leaker

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This forum are dedicated only for Cracking - Hacking - and Security.

 #12726  by Teqqui
 7 months ago (Fri Jan 11, 2019)
Remember "The Shadow Brokers" and the arrest of a former NSA contractor accused of stealing 50 Terabytes of top secret documents from the intelligence agency?

It turns out that, Kaspersky Lab, which has been banned in US government computers over spying fears, was the one who tipped off the U.S. government and helped the FBI catch NSA contractor Harold T. Martin III, unnamed sources familiar with the investigation told Politico.

In October 2016, the U.S. government arrested and charged Martin, 51, with theft of highly classified documents, including most sensitive NSA hacking tools and top-secret information about "national defense," that he siphoned from government computers over the period of two decades.

The breach is believed to be the largest heist of classified government material in America's history, far bigger than Edward Snowden leaks.

According to the sources, the Antivirus firm learned about Martin after he sent unusual direct messages via Twitter to its two researchers in 2016, just 30 minutes before the Shadow Brokers hacking group began leaking classified NSA hacking tools on the Internet.
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