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  • Google Is Using Wi-Fi To Track Your Precise Location: Oracle

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This forum are dedicated only for Cracking - Hacking - and Security.
 #13707  by Ootak
 2 months ago (Thu Mar 14, 2019)
To say that Google knows more about you than you know about yourself would not be an exaggeration. In a fresh attack on Google, Oracle has submitted a 17-page attachment titled “Google’s Shadow Profile” to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s digital platform inquiry.

Oracle has accused Google of building profiles of Australian users by logging their data. This profile consists of their “secret interests,” “intimate lifestyle details” and their office and home address.

As per Oracle, “If a consumer connects to the same Wi-Fi access point at 9am Monday-Friday, the Wi-Fi base station likely represents the consumer’s place of work.”

“Similarly, if a consumer connects to the same base station every day at 7pm and stays connected through the evening, the station is likely in located in the consumer’s home.”

Oracle has blamed Google for violating the laws by hiding the real motive behind its data collection policies. According to the RDBMS software providing company, the search giant logs users’ data for targeted advertisements thus fulfilling its own selfish motive.